A Taste of Fukuoka in Ikkousha Ramen Manila

Now that the rainy season has officially kicked in.  This is the most perfect time for a bowl of Ramen!

I am not really a big fan of ramen at first but after a few tries I became a convert.

And where do I get my ramen fix when cravings sets in?

Ramen Ikkousha Manila, nothing else.

Ikkousha is a barely new restaurant in Festival Mall Alabang.  It is a franchise of Ikkousha Ramen House based in Fukuoka Japan that serves the authentic Fukuoka or Hakata Ramen.

Upon entering the store you will be greeted with the traditional Japanese greeting /welcome to make you feel comfortable and at home.

The ambiance is relaxed and cozy. It is not intimidating especially for newbies or first timers. With natural light coming in from its glass walls.  This is a perfect place to shoot photos!

The house specialty is Special Tonkotsu. It is a bowl of ramen with 3 slices of pork belly or cha siu+ flavored egg or ajitama + thin strips of cloud ear mushrooms or kikurage and spring onions. When I order I always ask my egg to be halved.

You have the option to customize your own rameen like how  firm you want your noodles or how salty it is.  Oftentimes I just order the normal texture and Light saltiness. The normal Japanese flavor is a bit too salty for me.

Aside from Special Tonkotsu, I have also tried and (and my favorite!) Ajitama Tonkotsu and just the plain Tonkotsu.

What’s the difference?

They are served with the same broth but ajitama has only one slice of pork belly. Just enough for me. While the plain Tonkotsu has no egg and has one slice of pork belly.

Before I start to feast on my bowl, I topped it with sesame seeds and add lots of garlic for aroma. And a dash of shoyu (soy sauce) for flavor.

Perfect for the cold rainy afternoons! To complete the Japanese mood, Music from the Yoshida Brothers and Keishi Susuki’s Festivo is piped in. Probably from Spotify.

They have also other varieties of ramen like special black. And the godfire. Special Black bears this distinct black coloration due to the added black sesame seeds. It is very aromatic. But I do not really like it. It has an after taste which I do not like.

I have not also tried the Godfire as I am not a big fan of apicy foods. So pass…

Ikkousha’s newest ramen variety is the black fire. A combination of special black and Godfire. So pass again…

What makes the Ikkousha Ramen Manila stand out? It’s the broth dear, the BROTH! The ramen soup is made by boiling pork bones or tonkotsu for several hours. And seasoned just the way how Fukuoka ramen should be. It is thick oily aromatic and bursting with flavors. And the authentic Fukuoka Ramen ia known for one thing: the froth formed on the bowl. And Ikkousha Ramen Manila has it. Another true blue sign that you are getting the real Japanese treat? The meal is prepared by the Japanese chef himself.

Aside from Ramen, they also offer sides like gyoza and karaage. The bite size gyoza is rich and flavorful a good partner for ramen. I have yet to try the karaage though.

From time to time they offer promos like free egg or gyoza so watch out for these announcements in Facebook and Instagram.

The ramen house also gives discount to senior citizens and PWD (peovided ID is presented)

Currently they only accept Cash transactions.

Overall id give it a ⭐⭐⭐⭐/⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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