Masskara festival 2018 schedule

The happiest festival in the Philippines is once again set to unfold this October!

Photo by Rob Pinson

Now on its 39th yr expect the festival to be be bigger and grander than ever. More new events and activities will be held.

Masskara is a festival born out of people’s depression. It was in the late 70’s when the prices of sugar in the world market dropped due to the introduction of high fructose corn syrup.

There was hunger and malnutrition in the city.

Local artists from Bacolod organized an event that would help bolster the people’s moods and to keep the smiles on their faces. They thought of wearing smiling masks to cover the sadness and dance in the streets.

Thus Masskara Festival is born.

This year the grand fête will be held from October 8-28, 2018 (CONFIRMED DATES!) October 27 is scheduled for street dancing, schools category while October 28 is for the Barangay category, the highlight of the event.

Book your plane tickets early as well as hotel rooms aa they usually ran out during the peak season

5 thoughts on “Masskara festival 2018 schedule

      1. hello the silver masskara organization released the schedule on the last day of july according to them, the school division completion will be on the 27th of Oct while the barangay division on the 28th..

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