PSID GOLD Graduation Exhibit opens its doors for press launch

The Philippine School of Interior Design (PSID) celebrates 50 years of interior design excellence with this year’s graduation exhibit entitled “GOLD: Glamorous, Opulent, and Luxurious Designs.” Opening to the public on October 1-31, PSID GOLD held a press launch at Uptown Mall, Bonifacio Global City last Sept. 26, giving the media a firsthand glimpse into this year’s 22 exquisitely designed booths.

GOLD, aptly named in honor of the school’s golden anniversary, will see, for the first time in PSID history, the graduating students being joined by alumni and faculty in showcasing the most glamorous, opulent, and luxurious designs.

The Student Gallery will exhibit designs by the 72 graduating students of PSID Advanced Class of 2017, as well as those from the PSID-AHLEN Institute.

The first booth, a living room with a Modern French Renaissance concept, provides a relaxing atmosphere with details reminiscent of 16th century architecture for a classic, sophisticated look. Booth No. 2’s Pop Art dining room marries two seemingly opposing elements: pop art and luxury, and makes a bold statement with loud prints and luxurious pieces. Next up is the Balinese kitchen designed by Booth no. 3, which is inspired by beautiful Bali’s culture and architecture and injects the GOLD theme into a tropical setting.

Booth No. 04 – Modern Deconstructivism

Booth no. 4 created a Modern Deconstructivism study room inspired by rising fashion designer Tony Evan’s design philosophy of clean, sharp lines and textures to bring fashion and interior design together. The Moroccan Oasis set up for Booth no. 5’s bedroom concept is fit for royalty, matching vibrant royal blue and gold with muted tones for a refreshing bedroom space. Booth no. 5’s Contemporary Egyptian bathroom modernizes the ancient Egyptian aesthetic, using the Pyramids of Giza as its primary inspiration for a room that boasts of both artistry and opulence.

Booth No. 09 – Industrial Luxe

For Booth no. 7’s Cultural Aztec living room, a harmony of patterns appears in every corner of the room, with structures that give a nod to the ancient civilization. Booth no. 8’s Contemporary Neoclassic dining room is designed for a fashion magazine editor-in-chief’s glamorous penthouse suite, with the sophistication of Neoclassic architecture and fierceness of a red, gold, and black color scheme. The Industrial Luxe kitchen by Booth no. 9 skillfully executes a blend of seemingly contrasting themes to prove that industrial design can work, even for luxurious spaces.

Booth no. 10’s Modern Art Deco home theater, with its gold-accented midnight blue interiors, shows that loud patterns and rich colors can still make for a relaxing atmosphere. Booth no. 11 designed a bedroom exuding with Eclectic Elegance through an amalgamation of neo-baroque, deconstructivist, art deco, and other styles for the on-the-go travel blogger. Booth no. 12 is the last student-made booth, a Neo-Archipelago bathroom that showcases the natural beauty of the Philippine archipelago through the use of Sulu motifs and locally sourced materials.

The Faculty and Alumni Galleries, comprised of 11 expertly made booths, begins with faculty member Michael Pizarro’s booth: a bedroom in neutral, masculine tones with a touch of gold for a cozy ambiance fit for a lavish lifestyle. For the next booth, Vianca Anonuevo and Mark Perez team up to design a minimalist living and entertainment area that proves young and hip styles can also be timeless and luxurious.

by Mary Ann Bulanadi

Mary Ann Bulanadi recreates the interiors of Bahay Nakpil-Bautista for her booth as a show of respect to the cultural site and effectively sparking more interest for it in the present. Stephanie Yan explores cultures by bringing GOLD to an office setup with linings that pop in dark shades for a dramatic accent to a study area. Gino and Karen Abrera take inspiration from the Japanese kintsukuroi and Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs to bring two contrasting spaces together.

Lalyn Nivera successfully takes the challenge of bringing the hardness of concrete and wood into a bedroom space and making it warm and comfortable. Next, Pam Lagura and Ezra Halili describe their living room booth as “classic meets modern” that employs bold colors for an opulent and luxurious design. For Jigs Adefuin’s anteroom booth, he takes various textures and shapes and makes them coexist, using artworks from Arturo Luz, Ramon Orlina, Malang, and Romulo Olazo for a stunning, interior.

by Mike Suqui and Kat Obcemea

Mike Suqui and Kat Obcemea bring together sustainability and luxury into a hotel lounge setting, making use of hydroponics and lighting techniques for a relaxing atmosphere combined with the glamour of gold. The last booth from the Faculty and Alumni Gallery by Gelo del Mundo portrays a den in the Brutalist style using untreated materials and dark tones with adjustable lighting to create a space conducive to both work and rest.

Indeed, the 22 exquisitely designed booths at this year’s GOLD Exhibit are a testament to the unmatched elite design training provided by PSID.

PSID Gold is co-presented by Megaworld, and mounted in cooperation with Boysen, Schema, Shell Canvas, La Europa, Designery, Daikin, and Tecson Flowers.

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