Dinagyang Festival 2018 schedule

January is fast approaching and Iloilo City is now in full swing preparing for the grandest Dinagyang Festival ever.

This 2018 the City of Love will be celebrating the 50th year of the Dinagyang Festival.

Each year thousands of tourists flock to Iloilo to witness  frenetic dancing on the streets. Dinagyang has always been known for its extravagant costume changes and the loud hypnotic beating of the drums.

Dinagyang has been consistently winning in national competitions like the Aliwan Fiesta National Street Dancing competition.

The schedule 2018 Dinagyang is aa follows :

January 27 Kasadyahan Regional Festivals Competition
January 28 Dinagyang Festival Ati tribe competition

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9 thoughts on “Dinagyang Festival 2018 schedule

  1. It does not matter if it is the biggest, world-class, visited by foreign tourist. It is only an acknowledgement and remembrance (celebration) of a religious occurence documented by Pigaffeta of centuries past. Why people inhabiting islands in the perphery of the Pacific became Christians. SInulog.

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