Pilgrimage to the culinary institutions of negrense cooking : Quan Delicacies

Immediately after our sumptuous lunch, Annie May and I booked an Uber and headed straight to Dian street in Makati for snacks. Our destination was Quan’s Delicacies.

Annie May and I

Quan  is a local snack joint based in Bacolod. They have been known to provide yummy treats or kakanin to its clientele.

Among the popular products they serve in Bacolod are lasagna, Valenciana, panara, puto Manapla and cuchinta.

Finally we arrived in Dian. I was grerted with so much disappointment: No panara and puto Manapla available. BOOOOOOO.

I ended up ordering cuchinta topped with grated fresh coconut and napoleones.

Napoleones is a pastry loosely based on the French version Mille Fuille. I’d say Roli’s still has the best Napoleones in town. Quan’s version is much smaller and much cheaper too (at PHP16. 00 each) but it is not as flaky as Roli’s or even Pendy’s. But the Quan’s version has a thick custard filling which makes it oh so divine!

Its best when paired with cup of coffee for an afternoon siesta. Their Napoleones is not too sweet either.

Because of its irresistibly good taste I ended up buying another piece and a dozen more as Pasalubong!

Aside frm Napoleones and cuchinta they have other snacks off the shelf like suman but ong, chicken pie, caramel tart, and orhee favorites like barquillos galletas and sme more locas biscuits.

They also serve brewed coffee and pancit molo and dinuguan.

I just hope they already have panara and puto next time.

For now Im giving it a 3/5⭐

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