Pilgrimage to the culinary institutions of Negrense cooking: Aida’s Chicken Inasal

First of two parts

I was recently in Makati for a client meeting and part of rhe plan was to meet fellow negrense blogger Annie May for a brief chit chat. We agreed to meet at Makati Conema Square in what is known as the ground zero of authentic Bacolod Inasal cooking!

I am thrilled. Our destination : Aida’s Chicken House. Aida’s (together with Nena’s) is just one of rhe few preferred brands of inasal in Manukan country.

They are always known for their succulent hot-off-the-grill chicken that’s gently marinated and cooked to perfection.

Anne ordered paa while I opted for pecho. We also ordered an additional pata kansi. That’s pork hocks soup cooked with batwan a souring agent fruit common in western Visayas.

VERDICT: Aida’s wouldn’t be known if not for its juicy inasal! The chicken is tender and juicy and flavourful. The same flavor you get to experience in Manukan! Hands down this is the best inasal have tasted in Metro Manila so far.

Truly feels like home. Brings back the good old memories I had when I was still member of a church choir having late night dinners in Manukan.

The only downside of Aida’s MCS is that they serve their inasal with utensils BOOOO

Another item we ordered off the menu was pata kansi. Kansi is like nilagang baka just made sour with batwan. Traditionally kansi is cooked using beef shanks. But we opted for the lesser evil: pork pata.

The meat is gloriously tender. And the soup, ORGASMIC! Oh good Lord when was the last time I had batwan in my soup? Batwan is a hard to find commodity in Metro Manila.

It is a perfect replacement ingredient when making sinigang or paksiw.

Because of the slow cooking method the pulp of batwan has dissolved into the soup making it rich and thick. Lovely. A must try especially for non Negrenses!

At the end of our lunch we went out Happy fulfilled and satisfied.

I swear this is not the first and the last time I will eat at Aida’s.

Overall ratings i will give it a 4.5/5 ⭐

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