Goodies and great finds at Pasko sa Intramuros

Goodies and great finds at Pasko sa Intramuros

Pasko sa Intramuros is the month-long Christmas celebration organized by the Department of Tourism, the Tourism Promotions Board and the Intramuros Administration.  Started on December 6, the event will host various special events for people of all ages like musical gigs and festivals, fireworks displays, and prizes.

Pasko sa Intramuros is a bazaar which will feature the regional products and specialties of the Philippines through exhibitors from all around the country.  Various products like organic and health products, food, pasalubong, handicraft furniture and décor, tea, foodstuff and textiles.


Are you a health and nature buff who also likes his or her beauty products organic? Salon de Arbularyo offers malunggay-based products from facial creams to soaps and conditioners.


Thinking of redecorating your home? Pasko sa Intramuros also offers various decor and design options like this marbler stand which offers marble statuettes, vases and other decorations.


While browsing through the many stalls of Pasko sa Intramuros, don’t forget to stock up on good food! Try some Ilocos empanadas while you’re at it!


Juice stands are also present to quench your thirst from all the walking and shopping at the month-long celebration.


The Christmas season is the food season too. Frozen and ready-to-eat food are available for purchase like this longganisa stand.


Various health and food products are sold by the Nurture Wellness Village. Don’t forget to stop by!


Sweets and snacks are abundant at the Pasko sa Intramuros. Get ’em while supplies last!


Fancy a different kind of drink? Try some powdered calamansi tea or ginger tea at Pasko sa Intramuros!


Guyabano concentrate and raw honey. While guyabano is rich in vitamin C, raw honey can be used topically on the skin as an effective moisturizer and mask, or in cooking too!


These beautiful flowers made from corn-husk will surely brighten your day! You can also buy them for your friends this Christmas.


Roasted soybean coffee is all the goodness and flavor of coffee without the painful acidic reflux and caffeine. Buy some at Golden Beans and you’ll never look at coffee the same way again.


Organic soaps and beauty products line the stalls as well.


Some booths feature all the products and regional specialties of their origin, like this Ilocos stall which sells various products from brooms to clay pots.


Food is always abundant at Pasko sa Intramuros. Don’t forget to buy some kakanin while looking through the stalls.


These craft beers are truly unique, each with a new kind of flavor with the right kind of mix for adults which mainstream beer cannot match with. Try them all at the Pasko sa Intramuros, but, as always, drink responsibly!


Another regional booth from Region 4A Calabarzon. Be sure to take a look before concluding your Christmas spendingspree.


Another regional booth from Region 4A Calabarzon. Be sure to take a look before concluding your Christmas spendingspree.


Various items, odds and ends like jewelry, scarves, hijabs and other accessories are available at the Pasko sa Intramuros.


These handmade furniture will surely delight you once they find their new home.


Exotic oriental and mindanaoan crafts are also available.

21How about these comfy textiles, right? More can be found at the Pasko sa Intramuros.

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