Lights up! Bounty Fresh gives a ‘#Paskongfarmfresh’ light show to Filipinos

Stop, look and smile as the loveable giant Chicky makes all heads turn along EDSA!

With a symphony of LED and GOBO lights, Chicky, Bounty Fresh Chicken’s ubiquitous brand ambassador, stands tall and bright and colorful amid a spectacular Christmas light show atop a building at the corner of EDSA and Timog Avenue.  A first-of-its-kind in a billboard format in the Philippines, the unique display of lights ushers in the Christmas season by showcasing a fun, visual treat to motorists and pedestrians traversing the busy highway.

The spectacular light show ushers in a celebration of Christmas in a fresh and creative way by putting a twist to yearly traditions – including whipping up new recipes to create new holiday traditions and memories. Bounty Fresh adds up to making the season light and bright in the spirit of #Paskongfarmfresh!  Visit to grab or share more ideas to twist holiday traditions.

2 thoughts on “Lights up! Bounty Fresh gives a ‘#Paskongfarmfresh’ light show to Filipinos”

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