The finest of Cordilleran cuisine at Holiday Inn Baguio City Centre

The finest of Cordilleran cuisine at Holiday Inn Baguio City Centre

“Lamisaan” is an Ilocano word that translates to “a large table”, that place where families, friends, and loved ones gather and bond over a hearty meal and discover the unique flavors of Cordilleran dining.

This is also the story shared by Holiday Inn Baguio City Centre’s Lamisaan Dining & Bar through the food it offers – with daily breakfast buffets; special themed buffets on Saturday night and Sunday brunch, this November featuring the culinary gems of Ilocos in “Classic and Nouvelle Ilocano Cuisine;”and a la carte dishes that expertly showcase the region’s diverse produce.

Highland Greens ala Greco provides a burst of freshness with its plump cherry tomatoes mixed with olives, cucumber and capsicum, topped by the hotel’s own honey-calamansi dressing.
Highland Greens ala Nicoise deliciously combines Baguio veggies with lemon vinaigrette and pepper-crusted seared tuna.
The Chicken Supreme de Cordillera is supremely satisfying, with crustacean farce stuffing finished with a savory homemade organic yogurt-garlic dressing

Chef Alwin Mantuano cooks up a selection of dishes that are close to the hearts and palate of the Filipino and are at the same time uniquely Cordilleran, providing guests with a memorable dining experience.

“We go with the seasons, so that we could use different vegetables and ingredients in season and offer different dishes all year round,” explains Executive Chef Alwin. “We are also inserting a young vibe into the plate so it’s not “old school” food but classic in nouvelle way.”

For starters, the Carpaccio di La Trinidad creates an appetizing symphony of flavors—the sweet carpaccio of beetroot mixed with the saltiness of feta cheese and the tangy-sweet taste of Sagada orange, drizzled with honey-calamansi dressing.

Fresh fern, watercress, and carpaccio of beetroot are mixed together with tangy-sweet Sagada orange and salty Feta cheese in Carpaccio di la Trinidad.

Lamisaan’s menu also offers Sinigang na Salmon sa Sampaloc, given a Cordilleran touch by adding in watercress that grows in abundance in Baguio. The Chicken Supreme de Cordillera combines seafood and meat by stuffing the chicken with crustacean farce and finished with organic yogurt-garlic dressing for a fuller savory taste. For a truly Filipino meal, the restaurant serves Steamed Highland Rice that adds more character to the dish with its texture.

“If you notice, there are similarities of products used because we are featuring highland vegetables sourced within Cordillera, like La Trinidad, Baguio, and some nearby towns,” Chef Alwin adds.

A Holiday Inn Baguio City Centre specialty is the Trio of Air-Fried Bagnet, which is the classic bagnet—less the guilt, but still delightfully crispy—cooked in three different methods. First as Binagoongan, which tosses it in with local veggies; then as the Pinoy favorite Kare-Kare; and last but not the least, as Adobo, served with 64-degree egg and pickled watermelon skin.

Indulge in the Air-fried Bagnet done the classic Binagoongan way for less the guilt!
Kare-kare-style Air-fried Bagnet reimagines the bagnet we all know as the popular Pinoy dish—a creamy treat for foodies!
Chef Alwin Mantuano takes your favorite Adobo and puts a twist in it by using Air-fried Bagnet to create a scrumptious new dish!

Other choices are Pastrami Spiced Beef; Slow-cooked Premium Angus Flat Iron Steak crusted with Pastrami Spice and served with chocolate & red wine reduction, smashed young potatoes, butter-fried broccoli, and carrots; and the Sagada Coffee-Rubbed Pork with Capocollo, the most marbled part of pork, topped with pommery mustard sauce.

To learn more about Holiday Inn, visit or call (074) 620-3333 or (632) 571-6079.

Holiday Inn Baguio City Centre, the first major international hotel chain to open in the City of Pines, is a family-friendly hotel that offers Kids Stay & Eat Free, its own Lamisaan Dining & Bar, three versatile meeting rooms: Bag-Iw Ballroom, Karao and Isneg, and a 24-hour fitness center for registered guests. Along with its two sister hotels in Metro Manila, it is owned by IHG® (InterContinental Hotels Group), a global organization with a broad portfolio of hotel brands in its name.

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