Butamaru’s carefully crafted ramen at the Westgate Food Crawl 2018

Butamaru first introduced its ramen to Westgate in 2014, when ramen joints didn’t abound and ramen was still on the steady rise as a favorite among local foodies. Four years later and Butamaru has stood the test of time. Not only does it serve some of the best ramen in town; Butamaru also has some of the most exquisite Izakaya eats there are.

Getting the stop Food Crawl stop to Butamaru off to a great start were the side dishes that were just to die for. The dishes were crafted by Chef Jerome Lim, who trained under Master Artisan Sugimura-san of Menko Noodle Company in Oita to put a new spin to Japanese cuisine. The Truffle Gyoza, which had its own mouthwatering truffle dip, and the Katsugyozayaki (breaded gyoza balls served like takoyaki) are definitely at the top of the restaurant’s must-try dishes!

Four kinds of Spareribs were also served: Spicy Glazed, Original Glazed, Buttered Parmesan, and Soy Glazed – all made of special spices and cooked to perfection to ensure a satisfying blend of flavors.

Their ramen, which is made of a 16-hour tonkotsu broth and homemade noodles, was of course, the main attraction of the stop. The Original Shio Ramen, Spicy Miso Butter Ramen, and Curry Tantanmen – all with tastes distinct from the other – had guests eagerly waiting to get a taste. First-timers can try the Original Shio Ramen first to get a grasp of how delicious a seemingly simple bowl of ramen can be. The Spicy Miso Butter Ramen and Curry Tantanmen have stronger, spicier flavors, but equally satisfying.

For quality Japanese cuisine that’s meticulously thought out and executed, Butamaru remains a foolproof choice at the Westgate Center.

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