Great, guilt-free food at Westgate Alabang’s Earth Origins Marketplace + Café


There have been many myths about organic food but nobody could contest these two accepted truths: First, that organic food, being pesticide-free, are safer; and second, they generally taste better because nourished, well balanced soil produces healthy, strong plants.

Earth Origins Marketplace + Café, Westgate Center’s go-to organic one stop shop and restaurant, adds their own brand to the organically-grown dishes its offers – tasty and delicious.

Husband-and-wife team Rman and Marjoree Lorenzo believe that a healthy lifestyle is affordable, doable, and definitely not a killjoy. With their personal advocacy of clean eating in mind, the couple opened the second branch of Earth Origins Marketplace + Cafe in Westgate, Alabang, to cater to the organic needs of the South Metro.

The marketplace part of Earth Origins includes some organic home essentials that are perfect for everyone!

“Our vegetables are sourced from highland farmers of Benguet, while meats are taken from as far as Mindanao–all of which are delivered fresh to the shop every day to make sure grocers and dine-in visitors get only the best quality products. The values we embody in our stores fit Westgate’s – a beautiful, sustainable community,” says Rman.

Shop for veggies at the first floor using these pretty baskets.
Find the cozy café in the second floor of Earth Origins.

Spanning both floors of the marketplace are food items like snacks, condiments, wines, and home and bath essentials made from natural ingredients, meticulously screened by the couple themselves. On the second floor is a cozy cafe where gym buffs, curious foodies, and health-conscious moms with their kids in tow go to get a taste of Earth Origins’ guiltlessly delightful dishes.

Earth Origins has a selection healthy and refreshing organic teas and juices.

“The food choices are based on what I like to eat when I dine out, but reinvented to be organic,” says Rman,  who affirms that eating out can be exciting, even with organic food.

Among the must-trys at Earth Origins are their famous Classic Beef Burger served in black buns infused with activated charcoal to cleanse the body of toxins while taking a bite of the beef patty made from grass-fed cows; the Organic Roast Chicken, roasted for eight hours before served; and the  Organic Grilled Pork Chop, tender and seasoned just right.

The Classic Beef Burger is a delicious cleansing experience.
Good things come to those who wait. The Organic Roast Chicken is roasted for eight hours before being served.

For dessert, there’s Strawberries & French Vanilla Cream Pancakes, fluffed to perfection, filled with light cream made from unbleached flour, and topped with homemade strawberry jam and pistachios.

Fluffy and mildly sweet, the Strawberries & French Vanilla Cream Pancakes
are a great dessert choice!

A secret to why their dishes are so homey and deliciously healthy? “The first ones to taste the dishes are always my kids. If they don’t like it, we change it. The food should be something they will also appreciate,” says Rman.

With Earth Origins Marketplace + Café, Westgate Center, continues to be the go-to destination for the wellness and dining needs of the Alabang residents’ active, healthy lifestyle.

Visit or follow them on and Instagram @EarthOrigins for the latest updates.

Westgate Center is a premier development project of Filinvest Alabang Inc. in Filinvest City, Alabang, Muntinlupa City. The 9.2-hectare open-air shopping and dining complex boasts of a relaxing atmosphere perfect for rest and recreation. Visit the Westgate Center’s official page at

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