A day at the National Museum

In a very rare opportunity I went to Metro Manila to visit the National Museum of Natural History.

The National Museum of Natural History is housed at the former Department of Tourism building.

The museum opens at 10AM. But when I wwnt there, a lot of people have already queued up even before it opened. What I did was just to use the PWD/Senior Citizens lane located at the back of the building to avoid the long queue. I just presented my PWD ID to avoid any hassle.

I registered my name and address at the logbook and it’s a go!

Coming from the priority lane, first to greet me were yhe humongous stalactites and stalagmites that actually came from philippine caves

At the ground level central part of the museum is its masterpiece known as the Tree of Life. One would not easily miss this imposing structure. Truly a work of art. And a guaranteed selfie spot too! Crowds are busy taking their selfie along the staircase.


From the grouns floor i went straight to the 3rd floor for the Marine exhibit. A huge fiberglass butanding suspended from the ceiling can be easily seen. Also featured here are the various spexies of stafishes shells sea urchins and corals. A H U G E giant clam ( isn’t it redundant already?) is also on display.


I continued to walk along the ramp leading to the 2nd floor. Here they exhibited the rich flora and fauna of the Philippines from flowers trees and animals. There were taxidermied birds on display as well as leaf samples from various plants

From 2nd floor i walked towards the eamp to go down there’s a taxidermied Philippine eagle on display, a little more walk and wewill finally arrive at the gallery where the bones of Lolong, the largest saltwater crocodile ever caught is hanging suspended from the ceiling. Alao on display here is a huge bone of a Philippine Rhinoceros that has been butchered some 709,000 years ago.


Another gallery featured a vast collection of petrified wood and amonites.

At the end of your tour you will just be amazed at how diverse our dlora and fauna is.


Notes : the museum is open Tuesday to Sunday 10AM – 5PM last call for admission is at 4:30
– please xome early as there are o lot of people wanting to see the exhibits too.
– Priority lane for senior citizens pregnant and PWDs is located at the back of the building Just present your ID to avoid any hassle
-food and drinks are not allowed inside the museum
– Only small bags allowed
– Flash photography is not allowed. Video taking too.
– commercial photography is not allowed
– tripod and selfie stick is not allowed
– the museum is PWD friendly. With enough elevators and wide ramps

I just hope the add xolor to the edges of the staircase as its so white. Very prone to accidents ans falls.

I aso hope they add handlebars at the staircase for PWDs trying to get up amd down via the staircase. As i said earlier it is prone to accidents.

Finally I just wish the people would respect the DO NOT TOUCH sign posted in every exhibit.

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