Pack light and save the earth!

Pack light and save the earth!

Receiving your much-awaited purchases from online stores may be exciting, but the amount of plastic and unrecyclable waste it generates is a cause of worry. Whether you are an SME owner or a friend wanting to send care packages to your loved ones, here are some eco-friendly packaging options if you are carbon footprint-conscious.

Cassava bags

It may look like your quintessential sando bag and mailers, but EcoNest’s cassava biobags are not made of plastic, but – you guessed it – the rootcrop cassava. Not only is it biodegradable,  it’s also compostable. These bags also dissolve in hot water! How cool is that, not to mention they are customizable too, perfect for your branding needs.  Get your cassava bags from EcoNest PH’s website.

Honeycomb wrap

Say goodbye to tacky-looking bubble wrap and welcome the honeycomb paper wrap. With this eco-friendly substitute, your packages could instantly look like a gift by themselves because of their simple yet aesthetically pleasing design. Layers of this paper ensure the safety of your packages without the plastic guilt.  Honeycomb wrappers are available at The Bamboo Company’s website.

Sugarcane food containers

EcoNest offers food containers from bento trays to pizza boxes made from sugarcane stalks. These eco-friendly food containers are suitable for dry baked goods and liquid and oil-based dishes. They are also microwave- and oven-safe on top of being biodegradable and compostable. Check out EcoNest’s website for more info on their sugarcane containers.

Kraft Tape

Photo from EcoNest’s Website

Don’t let the appearance of these tapes fool you for they offer the same strong bonding abilities as your usual scotch tapes! Made from wood pulp, kraft tapes are compostable and recyclable. While EcoNest does not offer customization for kraft tapes, these are easily personalized with markers and pens for a more intimate feel to your packages. Shop Kraft tapes at EcoNest’s website.

Plantable Paper

Made from recycled brown bags and infused with spinach or herb seeds, Silent Bead’s seed paper is perfect for gift tags or thank you cards for they are 100% customizable! Rip the paper apart and they are ready for planting. It’s almost like a second gift or a freebie –  who knows, it may be the start of someone’s plantita journey? Check out Silent Beads Facebook Page to order.

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