Lockdown? Charge up!

Lockdown? Charge up!

Stricter quarantine rules are once again enforced and there’s now more time spent consuming electricity at home. Energy saving and keeping devices are all the more important. In case of a power outage, which is likely to happen because the renewed quarantine rules coincide with the rainy season, we won’t be allowed to go out and charge in public places like coffee shops and malls.

New innovations in power saving and charging items ensure that your home is always powered. Check out these unique power charging and management tips that can help ease your stay-at-home and work-from-home experience.

Choose clean, Silent, Portable

Battery management is key nowadays, and heavy-duty, long-lasting charging can now be done through carry-on charging stations. These bad boys are built for convenience, and electricity shortage won’t be a problem anymore. The world’s smallest, most portable 400Wh power supply is the PowerHouse, a device that packs seven hours’ worth of charges for a mini fridge, or 24 charges for the standard iPhone. These portable power supplies can also be hooked up to everyday items like lamps, fans, and sound systems, as well as emergency appliances and medical equipment like flashlights and respirators.

Use More Ports for More People

During the pandemic, people have been living under the same roof 24/7, and larger families find it a challenge to work simultaneously with limited charging ports.

Charging technology has come a long way in addressing these issues by allowing charging through multiple ports. You can utilize one wall outlet to power four charging ports and charge your devices quickly and efficiently. PowerPort Atom III Slim, for one, can charge a USB-C notebook via a USB-C port and charge three mobile devices using the other USB ports. High-speed charging and portability make this an excellent choice for emergencies, too.

Experience Less Hassle with Charging Pads

Charging pads are an option for those who like to keep their phones accessible without having to plug and unplug them. Wireless charging pads are even better—offering charging on any surface while you work around the house. It stores energy while plugged in and charges phones anywhere when unplugged.

These days, the 10W wireless charging pad can be purchased which allows for fast charging anywhere, with features such as non-slip surfaces and higher capacity storing.

Drive with Streamlined Charging

Ever been on a drive to the grocery store, only to find your music or audio book suddenly getting cut off because you forgot that your phone has low battery? Car chargers are necessary for when you’re doing errands or making quick runs to the office during lockdown. Stay charged and ready with these charging items that connect to your car’s internal power outlet.  For example, the PowerDrive Speed+ 2 Car Charger provides power to any standard USB or USB-C device straight from your car. Simultaneously charge your devices at full speed while you drive.

Be ready for the upcoming enhanced community quarantine by powering up with these latest products. Get them at the Anker website or its Lazada and Shopee stores.

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