Ways to light up family bondings indoors

Ways to light up family bondings indoors

As the reality of home quarantine becomes a global new normal, being cooped up indoors doesn’t mean life should be dull and boring. More than a year of being in this situation has made many choose positivity and it starts with looking for fun ways to keep themselves safely entertained indoors as fam.

Start with lighting up your entire house with the Nanoleaf smart light panels, the touch-reactive and highly customizable modular lights available on Lazada and Shopee. Nanoleaf Shapes Line and Nanoleaf Elements Wood Look Hexagons can be your lockdown buddy this August, keeping every fambam moments special.

Activities to enjoy with these modular lights:

1. Binge-watch family movies and series.

Discover different genres, including G-rated ones for kids. A great way to level up the entertainment beyond screen is to sync what is on screen to your lighting panel The Shapes Line’s Screen Mirror feature can magically do the trick to make a more cinematic experience for the entire fam.

2. Redecorate the living room.

Establish a cozier and well-lit spot in your spaces. Improving the ambience of your living room or den where you spend most of the time with the family doesn’t have to be so complicated—you can already achieve an elegant setup by simply mounting smart lights on the wall, in patterns that please you at that. Nanoleaf’s Elements wood-grain finish complements any furniture while the built-in Circadian Lighting feature helps maximize focus and boost energy throughout the day.

3. Dance to pop music.

You don’t need permission to dance. Groove to the latest dance crazes and upload your covers on social media. You can even have your Shapes panels do the magic for you in the background as its Music Visualiser can sense and react to any audio in real time, flashing upbeat audiovisual displays in your room.

4. Game night!

Sick of the usual card and board games? Unleash your creativity as a family and play something new by featuring your lights in your mini match. You can throw a random question game and the first to tap the touch-reactive panels gets to answer first or judge a layout contest, having the person with the best panel design and color combination as the winner. You can also make most of their voice command feature as they are controllable via Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Samsung SmartThings.

Now that you have several activities in mind that you can spend with the entire household, surely, your quarantine will be less boring and edgy and be more amusing and safer. Nanoleaf Philippines is with you throughout these tough times, aspiring to give hope and light in your most-loved spaces. 🏠💖

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