Devices for WFH professionals, essential workers

Devices for WFH professionals, essential workers

Don’t leave or stay at home without these.

The last thing anyone needs right now are batteries dying and chargers failing on them. Whether you are working from home or on-site, it is essential for us to stay connected to work and the world around us.

Anker, the global leader in charging technology, can be one’s ultimate best friend when it comes to keeping your gadgets strongly powered and helping you make work faster and easier through its Power Delivery feature. Here are some devices that will definitely be your work BFF:

Bluetooth Speakerphone

Daily meetings track employee efficiency and workflow, thus voice clarity during reporting is important. Now that many companies transition to virtual meetings, devices like the PowerConf Bluetooth Speakerphone can achieve this. It automatically balances the input volume in relation to the voice’s distance from the device and also offers real-time echo cancellation up to 70 dB, de-reverberation, and reduced background noise by 20 dB.

Charging ports

Avoid the hassle of having to bring many gadget accessories, you only need one port that can charge up to four devices in one go. The PowerPort Atom PD 4, for example, provides up to 100W of charging power for up to four devices simultaneously. The ultra-slim PowerPort PD+ 4, which can simultaneously charge up to three devices, also makes for less bulky bags to sling around.

Durable cords

Does your charging cord easily fray and loosen? The solution is not those colorful and low-priced cable protectors but replacing it with a long-lasting one. The ultra slim PowerLine III USB-C to USB-C can withstand up to 25,000 bends without getting torn. It is constructed with quadruple bulletproof fiber cores and has textured grooves on its head for a tighter grip.

Power bank

Worry no more about batteries emptying in the middle of remote work as reliable power banks often save the day. PowerCore+ 26800 PD connects to USB-C devices and can fully charge phones 7-10 times and laptops 1.2 times.

While high-speed internet, reliable laptops, computers, and mobile phones top the must-have list of our modern-day heroes, it is important to note that there are devices that can further boost efficiency. With the workers’ office desk and business suitcase secured with the necessary office supplies and gadgets, all tasks will definitely run smoothly wherever they may be.

Visit Anker Philippines’ official website and flagship stores on Lazada and Shopee for more information.

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