Alden Richards for TechnoMarine: Young Yet Sleek

Alden Richards for TechnoMarine: Young Yet Sleek


            One of the hottest stars in Filipino showbiz today, one half of the phenomenal love team AlDub, actor, TV host, and singer – these are just some of the words to describe Kapuso star Alden Richards. Now, this multi-hyphenated star is set to add another facet to the list, as the new face of Swiss watch brand TechnoMarine.

            Richards is best known for his partnership with Dubsmash sensation Maine Mendoza and is considered one of the most in demand stars in local showbiz. He is one of the hosts for Sunday Pinas Saya and Eat Bulaga. He has also been modeling since 2010. Richards has also released to albums, “Alden Richards” in 2013 and “Wish I May” in 2015. With his busy lifestyle, Richards needs a watch that can keep up with him.


            “I really like that TechnoMarine is multi-faceted. I can wear it whether the engagement is formal or laid-back. It can go from day to night, so I don’t need to change watches,” states Richards.

            He also reveals he has been a long-time TechnoMarine fan even before signing up as an endorser. He likes the versatility of the brand, as well as the design of the brand.

            “I’ve always liked how sleek the watch looks but there’s this certain toughness to it. I guess that’s what I’ve always loved about the design of TechnoMarine. It really fits into my sense of style,” he adds.

            Asked what his personal style can be described as, Richards says that he tries to keep it young and comfy but with a sophisticated twist, as seen in his outfit posts in pullovers, button-down shirts, and sweaters. He likes to pair it with versatile accessories such as TechnoMarine watches.

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            “I like my outfits to be comfy yet sleek, as if I’m telling the world that I’m putting effort into what I wear. TechnoMarine fits into all this because the watches have a classy element to them. At the same time, they look young, which works for me,” explains Richards.

            Fans may not know this, but Richards has always wanted to try extreme sports. He has stated that if he were given the time, he wants to learn mountain biking, maybe even bungee jumping. He also likes to go on hikes on his free time. TechnoMarine is a perfect partner for his active lifestyle.

            “I can take it with me when I do sports. That’s one of the things I love about TechnoMarine. I don’t need to worry about my watch breaking even if I hike since it’s built to be tough,” he adds.

            One of Richards’ passions, however, is his charity work. Since 2014, he has been an ambassador for Habitat for Humanity. In 2015, he celebrated his birthday building homes with the organization. In February of this year, he also visited an Aeta community in Tarlac for an outreach program. For him, life is meant to be lived deeper, reflective of TechnoMarine’s tagline.

            “I like being able to give back. I have been blessed greatly in this life, so being able to do these charity projects makes me so happy. It’s my chance to repay for what I have been given,” he says.

            TechnoMarine invites watch enthusiasts to trade up their old Technomarine units for new watches with their TechnoMarine Ultimate Trade-Up Promo. Watch lovers can get 40% off on any new TechnoMarine watch when they trade in their old working or non-working TechnoMarine units at TechnoMarine stores from July 1-31.

            Founded in 1997 in Switzerland, TechnoMarine focuses on active luxury with its combination of quality, sophistication, originality, and quality. TechnoMarine constructs each watch with the highest of standards. Each timepiece is engineered using the finest materials to produce the balance of durability and elegance the brand is known for.

            TechnoMarine is available at TechnoMarine Megamall, TechnoMarine Greenbelt, TechnoMarine TriNoma, TechnoMarine Cebu, MyDiamond Megamal, and Rafael Jewellery Shangri-la Plaza.


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