Smart lighting wood-finish panels for cozier personal spaces

Smart lighting wood-finish panels for cozier personal spaces

With the stress and anxiety inflicted on us by this pandemic, our personal spaces have become our sanctuaries to find some peace and quiet assurances.

Personal spaces, especially our bedrooms, can have a major influence on our emotions, moods, and productivity—from the color palette we choose for our walls to the furniture where we relax; from cozy, crisp linens to the warm and ambient smart lighting that sets the right mood.

Nanoleaf, the global brand known for its innovative smart lighting technology, now launches Elements Wood Look Hexagons, a line of highly customizable modular panels featuring a wood-grain veneer finish that complements any furniture and interior design. The wood look bespoke lighting doubles as wall art with its textured finish, elevating any space with sophistication and elegance. Choose from custom lighting Scenes and adjust your lighting from cool to warm for the ideal ambience or use the built-in Circadian Lighting feature to maximize focus and energy in the day and create a calming ambience in the evening to prepare you for a good night of sleep. Check out what other wonders these smart light panels can do:

Calming ambience

When lit, these geometric panels create a natural glow that flows across the room. Customize your lighting with a wide range of cool to warm options or select curated Scenes like a cracking “Fireplace” or “Calming Waterfall” to help yourself unwind. When turned off, the wood look hexagons double as elegant wall art. Made to look beautiful on or off, Elements is a smart light and conversation piece all in one.

Easy controls

With just a tap, users can adjust their lights in seconds with the Nanoleaf App. The touch reactive panels also offer touch controls to turn Elements on and off, adjusting brightness and changing lighting Scenes. Elements are also controllable via voice command as they are compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Samsung SmartThings.

You can also sync your playlist to your lighting with the built-in Rhythm Music Visualizer feature that can sense and react to music in real-time, transforming your favorite jazz or classical music to mesmerizing visual displays on your wall.

Simple install

Just peel the adhesive tape at the back of the panels, stick them onto the wall, and enjoy as you relax in your now cozier and well-lit spot. For more tips on where and how to properly install the panels, visit Nanoleaf Philippines’ flagship stores on Lazada and Shopee. Get an instant PHP 50 voucher when you follow these stores.

This June, the Nanoleaf Elements officially launches in the Philippines to offer countless possibilities to make people’s lives easier and more enjoyable. With modular smart lighting, your most-loved and most personal spaces can be even more cozy and comfortable.

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