Green Tips: Revamp your Home Using Indoor Plants

Green Tips: Revamp your Home Using Indoor Plants

By now, plant enthusiasts have certainly seen the importance of growing indoor plants to not only improve their physical and mental health, but also help beautify and add life to a particular area. However, some of them might still have troubles making use of available space at home to lay their plants of different shapes, colors, and sizes, while others might still be having a hard time tending to their indoor plants’ needs given that they require a distinct gardening style.

Good thing, on “PRIMESCAPE: A Megaworld Prime RFO Webinar on Indoor Plants and Bringing Nature to Home,” growers had the opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas among themselves on how to best nurture indoor plants and how these could spruce up their spaces. This virtual event held last Friday featured insightful talks from certified plant experts, enthusiasts, and collectors.

Here are some noteworthy green tips from these certified plantitos and plantitas:

Utilize your wall, ceiling, and tables

Plant parent Gia Mirabueno suggested to those who do not have the luxury of space to lift smaller and lighter plants from the floor and hang them from ceilings or settle them on wall shelves or study tables.

Add plants in the bathroom

The balconies and living room are not the only places which can be spruced up by plants, even the bathroom gets a little transformation with a plant trick. Interior stylist and vlogger Kai Palileo-Cruz says this is a good practice because bathrooms have high humidity wherein plants could easily thrive.

Install grow lights

Plant dad Earl Moreno underscored the grow lights to make all homed more suitable and livable for plants. Different plants have different needs, but aside from adequate amount of sunlight, water, air, and soil, some indoor plants specifically need grow lights to survive.

Start small

On discussing the importance of life with nature for city dwellers, Dr. Joanne Blanco shared that since she lives in a condo unit, she opted on taking care of small plants such as cacti and succulents. Not only do they fit limited spaces more, but they are also relatively cheaper and build confidence among growers when they sprout even if placed in compact.

Join a plant community

To know more about the dynamics of taking care of indoor plants and to look for more visual inspirations of how to best design their personal space, solo homemaker Cooky Araneta urged her fellow plantitas to get into a plant community and socialize with other plant owners.

Start cultivating herbs and veggies

Aside from filling your house with big, leafy plants at once, consider cultivating herbs and veggies because these can be consumed over time—a very practical tip to carry out now that going to crowded grocery stores and supermarkets to acquire food supplies has become risky. Seed Starter MNL, an online gardening store known for its complete garden starter kits, allows you to watch your greeneries get transferred from their pots to your plates.

Seed Starter kits are packed with either Salad (basil, tomato, kale, lettuce), Herb (basil, chives, parsley, arugula), or Sunflower seedlings, coco pots, soil, seeding tray, plant box, label sticks, mini tools, and a Seed Starter MNL booklet guide.

Grow a lush garden in a box in your home today. Visit and @seedstartermnl on Facebook and Instagram for more information. 🌱

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