Start from the seed: Tips for Neophyte Plantitos and Plantitas

Start from the seed: Tips for Neophyte Plantitos and Plantitas

Social media, particularly Instagram, is being filled with plants of all shapes and sizes. Thanks to this trend that has helped a lot of individuals cope with the pandemic and a troubled mental health or find new source of income. However, this green activity might be a bit overwhelming for aspiring gardeners when they have limited resources and space. Seed Starter MNL gives starting plant growers a kickstart to grow their own garden indoors!

Seed Starter MNL is an online gardening store that provides complete garden starter kits to provide sustainability, functionality, and convenience for all who want to indulge their green thumb. Are you ready to delve into the plant parenting responsibility? Here are some handy seedstarter 101 tips:

Feed your plants

We all know that plants need adequate amount of sunlight, water, and good soil to survive, but there is much more than that. Before sowing the seeds and seedlings, make sure that you got all your garden essentials at hand–coco pots, soil, seeding tray, plant box, label sticks, and mini tools. Seed Starter MNL has that all figured out in its single starter kit that the only things you will be needing are water and sunlight. This is also a purely organic kit free of pesticide and herbicides.

Set a space

Gardening starts with trial and error process so it is best to start small and experiment first. While there are starters who would still prefer backyard gardening, consider the fact that not everyone in the metro has the luxury of space to do so. Try going for compact garden-in-a-box that is movable and can grow anywhere in your workplace or house—your windowsill, kitchen counter, balcony, you name it!

Grow what you can eat

With the COVID-19 pandemic still rising, going to crowded grocery stores and supermarkets to acquire food supplies has become risky. Thus, to maintain your stock at home without constantly worrying for your health and safety, be practical and cultivate herbs and veggies on your own as these can be consumed over time. Fight the pandemic scare with the peace of mind that what you eat is entirely fresh and healthy.

Breathe well and have fun

And what is better way of taking good care of your plants than enjoying every step and the very thrill of (finally) getting to be a plant parent? Watch your seeds turn to plants as days go by and make most out of this hands-on and relaxing recreation. Also, do not miss the underlying magic and fulfilment of transferring your greeneries on your own table once they are fit for harvest.

By starting you gardening venture with Seed Starter MNL, you will realize that being a plantito or plantita has never been this fun and easy. Grow a lush garden in a box and order you starter kits now composed of either Salad (basil, tomato, kale, and lettuce), Herb (basil, chives, parsley, and arugula), or Sunflower seeds here:

For more information, visit @seedstartermnl on Facebook and Instagram.

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