Hog Raisers remind dangers of Swill Feeding

SWILL FEEDING or feeding livestock pigs with leftover food is still practiced in the Philippines, but the National Federation of Hog Farmers, Inc. (NFHFI) has warned against it, as the practice could cause foot-and-mouth disease, the deadly African Swine Fever (ASF), and other complications in livestock.

The NFHFI advised all livestock raisers, especially those who still practice swill feeding, to explore new and modern ways to manage their livestock with more effective feeds and technologies.

According to the same federation, the Philippines is a major player in the ASEAN region, being the largest producer of pigs next only to Vietnam.

“The Philippine swine production is considered one of the best in the region. As of January 2019, the population is at 12.71 million heads and is 0.83 higher than the previous year. It is growing albeit at a slower pace because of high production costs brought about by high feed and medication costs,” the hog raisers group stated.

Small-scale hog farms, which include backyard livestock raisers (tending at least one head of a livestock animal and below the descriptions of commercial farms), compose 65% of all swine production in the Philippines, but they are the most vulnerable to an outbreak of disease, as a number still practice swill feeding.

In 2018, the Department of Agriculture imposed Memorandum Order No. 22, which prohibits the use of catering food, left-overs from airports for use as swill feed; this regulation is on top of a ban against imported pork several certain countries amidst fears of African Swine Fever breaking out in the country.

The NFHFI proposed several measures to mitigate the practice of swill feeding, and reducing the risk of an outbreak of disease to millions of pigs in the country.

“The Canadian Veterinary Ministry has a ‘3Cs’ system—Communication of Information to all stakeholders and consumers through media and backyard education, Cooperation from allied industries like feed manufacturers, veterinary companies and practitioners to come up with common strategies and measures to prevent entry and control the spread [of a disease], and Collaboration between the government and the private sector,” the NFHFI said.

What Raisers Want

At the upcoming Livestock Philippines Expo 2019, the biggest livestock-focused convention of the country, new technologies in livestock raising and management, veterinary science, including feeds for hogs, will be discussed and exhibited. Set at the World Trade Center Metro Manila in Pasay City from June 26 to June 28, the event will be the much needed catalyst for starting and growing livestock raisers to adopt new ways to improving their livestock.

Small and medium-scale raisers who are constantly looking for feed formulation, will largely benefit from the discussions and the showcased technologies, among them, enhanced feeds, improving piglet weight, health and growth, etc

“Hog raisers are also looking for vaccines or antibiotics to decrease mortality and promote healthier pigs, or for probiotics that promote growth overall health care,” the group of hog raisers added.

Livestock Philippines Expo 2019 will bring more than 280 exhibitors from over 30 countries which will offer countless business and networking opportunities, and will also feature seminars and talks from many leaders of the industry.

The convention is organized by UBM, now becoming a part of a larger group, Informa Markets, the leading B2B exhibition organizer in the world

For other details including registration, contact Ms. Danah Castillo via phone at +63 2 581 1921 or via email at danah.francisco@ubm.com.

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