Brother’s Burger proves they’re #MoreThanJustBurgers at the Westgate Food Crawl 2018

Homegrown burger joint Brother’s Burger has long been known for their tasty burgers with juicy patties grilled to perfection, so coming in for the Westgate Food Crawl 2018, one would expect to be served their classic burger choices. To all the guests’ pleasant surprise, a brand new set of dishes was introduced that afternoon. Hotdogs, pizzas, burritos, and all-day breakfast – Brother’s Burger is out to tell the world that they are more than just burgers.

Add Mexican favorites to Brother’s Burger specialties because among their new offerings are a choice of Steak or Chicken Burritos and Steak, Chicken, or Cheese Quesadillas. These meals are of course made complete with some salsa and cream cheese!

The restaurant is also now serving hotdog sandwiches, namely, the Snapdog, which is a no-fuss hotdog sandwich for people who like it simple, and the Chilidog for the more adventurous.

Four different flavors of Chicken Wings are being served at the resto, which are the savory Garlic & Parmesan, the sweet Soy Pepper, the tangy Jalapeño BBQ, and the spicy Buffalo.

Wings are best paired with pizza, and Brother’s has got that covered, too! The Brothers Pizza choices are Anchovies and Garlic and Four Cheese for non-meat choices, and Choritato, Cheese Burger, and Butcher’s Brothers for meat lovers.

For sides to make the meals extra awesome, different kinds of Flavored Fries (Cheese, BBQ, and Sour Cream) and Chili Fries were also served.

Pinoys gotta have their full breakfasts, so from their All-Day Breakfast choices, the Tapa with Garlic Rice & Egg is a clear winner. They also have the American Breakfast, which guests could choose to include either Sausage Patty or Bacon Slab on the side.

Of course, what is a meal without some sweet, sweet dessert? Brother’s also introduced their newest desserts on the menu: the Hokkaido-style Milky Ice Cream that can be topped with flavored syrup, and the creamy Chocolate, Hazelnut, and Strawberry Milkshakes to make both young ones and big kids jump with excitement.

With a brand new menu that knocked everyone’s socks off, Brother’s Burger has accomplished what they sought out to prove; they are, indeed, More Than Just Burgers.

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