Xian Lim for TechnoMarine: All about Versatility

Xian Lim for TechnoMarine: All about Versatility


Today’s “it guy” is no longer just about a handsome face or a great body. He exudes an unbounded, a contagious love for everything true and beautiful, all reflecting in the way he carries himself and how he lives his life.

Actor Xian Lim is all that – and more.

As the face of the Swiss luxury watch brand TechnoMarine, singer and actor Xian Lim embodies the brand’s “live deeper” philosophy, pursuing his passions on and offscreen.

“TechnoMarine watches are versatile, like me.” — Xian Lim

Xian is best known for his variety roles both on television and film starting with playing Andy Wu in “My Binondo Girl”  and eventually essaying Liam Lagdameo in “Ina, Kapatid, Anak”, Rocco in “Bride For Rent”, Alex Prieto in “Bakit Di Ka Crush ng Crush Mo”, and, recently, Macoy Sandoval in “The Story of Us”. He has also released two studio albums, “So It’s You” and “XL2”. Outside the klieg lights, he also is a passionate basketball player, having had a basketball scholarship from the University of the East.

All these he does with equal passion and dedication, with creative nature and professional spirit.  And Xian says TechnoMarine fits into his lifestyle beautifully.

“I like how TechnoMarine watches are very versatile like me. I’m the type of person who can’t just stay put in one place; I’m always in need of something to do, so TechnoMarine is perfect for me,” Xian quips.

It is precisely for his well-rounded lifestyle and love for adventure that Xian has been chosen by TechnoMarine to be its brand ambassador.

“Xian Lim likes pursuing his passions without fear. This is a perfect fit to the spirit of the TechnoMarine brand,” says John Paul Paglinawan, brand manager for TechnoMarine.

Founded in 1997 in Switzerland, TechnoMarine focuses on active luxury with its combination of quality, sophistication, originality, and quality. TechnoMarine constructs each watch with the highest of standards, particularly in quality, sophistication, originality, and quality. Each timepiece is engineered using the finest materials such as stainless steel, Flame Fusion glass, gold, and Pugel bands to produce the balance of durability and elegance the brand is known for.

Its latest line is the TechnoMarine Cruise Jellyfish. Developed from the best-selling Cruise Collection, the Cruise Jellyfish combines sporty functionality with elegance. Its most exciting feature is the use of Flame Fusion glass, which has a durability comparative to a sapphire, making it scratch-proof. Flame Fusion glass can also resist a depth of up to 200 meters / 20 ATM. The watch also features IPG Bezel in either pink gold, yellow gold, or rose gold, a PPP Stainless Steel case available in 34, 40, or 45mm sizes, a black-pattern design metal dial, available in three colors: Black, Silver, and Sunray, and a Pugel Band with regular clasps.

TM Cruise Jellyfish

Xian is part of a list of international endorsers for the brand, all of whom are known for their active lifestyles, including Spanish actress Monica Cruz, Taiwanese model Chin Hsi,  Spanish model and actor Andres Velencoso, and Slovakian model Ivana Vancova.

Personal style           

“Accessories make the outfit.” — Xian Lim

Xian has always opted for comfort with a twist – in everything he wears.

“I’m a laid-back kind of guy. I’m just in plain tees all the time. But I like doing some twists on the normal shirts and jeans combo by accessorizing,” says Xian.

Accessories make the outfit, notes Xian, and the perfect watch make or break the style.

“I’ve always believed that if you take a very simple outfit and accessorize, you can look good. That way, you stand out but there’s still an element of sophistication,” says Lim. “TechnoMarine watches are perfect because you can dress up or dress down and it still makes a statement.”

Many people may not know this but Xian has always also been athletic. In fact, he got into the University of the East on a basketball scholarship. A look through Xian’s Instagram account also reveals that he is an avid traveler with photos of himself in different parts of the Philippines, as well as different countries.

Xian says he and TechnoMarine fit perfectly together because the brand not only looks good on any outfit, but more importantly for him, it is tough enough to withstand his frequent travels and love of sports.

“In both travel and sports, you need to prioritize function. Watches can experience so much wear and tear from all these activities. This is why I like TechnoMarine, since it’s built specifically to withstand these,” he states.

TechnoMarine is available at TechnoMarine Megamall, TechnoMarine Greenbelt, TechnoMarine TriNoma, TechnoMarine Cebu, MyDiamond Megamal, and Rafael Jewellery Shangri-la Plaza.

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